Monday, November 3, 2014

Chuang Yen Monastery - A Buddhist Temple

The largest indoor statue of Buddha in the US sits in the Great Buddha Hall just upstate at the Chuang Yen Monastery. The name "Chuang Yen" means “Majestically Adorned” and this 125 acres of land in Putnam county is definitely Majestic. Architect Edward A Valeri designed much of the temple in the style of China's Tang Dynasty. (618-907 AD) Visitors from all over the world and every walk of life come here for Peace. The CYM has programs every weekend with lectures, meditation and a vegetarian lunch. There are also events are held here every year such as the Chinese New Years Blessing, Ritual for the Deceased and even a Summer Camp. They also have a Free Book Distribution made possible by the contributions of many Buddhist Masters and Authors. The books are free for visitors and volunteers as well as sent out to prisoners if requested. With the beautiful garden to walk in and the grand Buddha himself sitting in the Hall one is flooded with a calm feeling. This place is a feast for the soul and something that could take your breath away. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

NYC Haunted Spots to Visit on Halloween

Its the time of year to dress up, have fun and see something scary. This city is an old one. So there is no shortage of haunted spots to check out. Here are a few that may just surprise you. Starting with the oldest haunt in town "The Bridge Cafe." This is in a building that dates back to 1794. Believe it or not this was a old pirate bar and brothel. In what was The Fourth Ward this bar was in a hood that was no joke. "A travel guide of the day called it the most violent street on the continent." If you messed around in this place a 6-foot-tall Irish bouncer would bite or cut off an ear and pickle it in a jar above the bar. Her name was Ms. Gallus Mag, a woman not to piss off. Then there is "The Death House" on West 10Th. It is said that 22 people have died in the house. This was once Mark Twain's old stomping ground and he is said to haunt the stairwell of the house. Then in 1987 Joel Steinberg beat his 6-year-old adopted daughter Jessica Steinberg to death. Just walk by and feel the death coming out the windows. Some spots with ghosts are places people walk passed every day. Like Empire State Building where there has been 14 suicides from the Building's observatory. Five in 1947 alone. Also in 1945 a B-5 Bomber crashed into the building killing 14 people. It is said if one was to walk by at Midnight screams can be heard from above. Then Washington Square Park was once a potters Field where the poor bodies that were unwanted by the church were put to rest. Most of the graves were not deep enough and reports of stepping on crushing bones were made. In the 18Th century the park was used for hangings. It is said that the large tree in the northwest corner of the square is Hangman's Elm, but there is some evidence that the tree was where the fountain is now. In 1825 the cemetery was closed. So when walking through this park that is now a tourist attraction think about the people hung there and the 20,000 bodies that remain under foot. Happy Halloween!!

Bridge Cafe
279 Water St
The House of Death
14 West 10Th Street (near Fifth Avenue)
Empire State Building
350 Fifth Avenue
Washington Square Park
West 4Th Street and MacDougal

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

NYC You Are Here.....
 Has been Places...
But will be coming back soon!!